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Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses Review

Have you heard of blue light blocker glasses, or anti blue light glasses lately? They're starting to become more and more popular these days. But they aren't just for gamers or IT professionals anymore. They're becoming increasingly more mainstream as people realize the many benefits these lenses provide.

Today, we're going to review one specific pair: the Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses. These lightweight, stylish frames promise to deliver all of the benefits that regular blue light blocking glasses are capable of - and then some. We wanted to take a closer look at these glasses to see how well they lived up to the hype.

Blue Blocker Glasses

Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses Advanced Design

Now that blue light blocker glasses are becoming more and more popular, it's becoming more and more difficult to find a high-quality pair of lenses at an affordable price. Thankfully, the Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses are an exception. Their strong yet lightweight frame construction ensures that you can wear them for extended periods of time in total comfort. They won't warp or bend on you, and they're extremely difficult to break. You can buy a pair and wear them for years before needing to buy a new one - if ever.

But it's not all about the frames. You need a pair of high-quality lenses inside those frames if your anti blue light glasses are going to do you any good. This is another area where dream elements knocks it out of the park. The lenses are anti-reflective, non polarized, and offer UV400 protection - well above the average protection level of most glasses. They're also scratch resistant and easy to clean. Compared to similar lenses on the market today, the fact that the Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses can do all this at a fraction of the price of their designer competition is extremely impressive.

Are There Benefits to Using Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses?

These days, whether it's for work or pleasure, most people spend several hours of the day looking at some sort of electronic device. The worst offenders are computer screens, smartphones, and high-def television sets. They emit a bright, overwhelming form of blue light which our bodies are less able to handle the more we are exposed. This causes all sorts of eye problems such as dry eye, eye strain, and blurred vision. These problems in turn can lead to headaches and other forms of discomfort.

The obvious solution is to minimize our exposure to these devices. But that's not entirely practical for people who make a living sitting in front of a computer all day. And in an age of binge watching your favorite shows on streaming services - not to mention an ever-expanding video game industry - people are spending more time bombarded with this unhealthy blue light, not less. So technology has stepped in and offered a solution: anti blue light glasses.

Even if you don't spend the majority of hours of your day in front of a computer screen, you can still benefit from a pair of Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses. The majority of people who do log some hours in front of a TV or computer usually do so in the evening hours. But this is the worst time to be around those screens!

Blue light exposure in the evening interferes with your body's natural ability to get the healthy sleep it needs in order to function optimally. As a matter of fact, too much late night blue light exposure from televisions and smartphones - in addition to computers - can interrupt your natural sleep cycle so much that it can cause weight gain, memory loss, and even puts you at greater risk for serious chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes.

With the help of Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses, though, you can protect your body from this exposure. Wearing them in the evening hours to promote better sleep will help protect your body from the negative health consequences of being overwhelmed by electronic blue light at night. You'll start to notice healthier, better quality sleep in no time.

Will Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses Help You Get Better Sleep?

They can, and they will. And they do this by helping your body regulate something called its circadian rhythm. You see, the human body has evolved over thousands of years to excrete specific hormones at night when you need to sleep, and hormones which have the opposite effect when you wake up in the morning and need energy to start your day. Unfortunately, modern technology is disrupting this process.

Before the invention of electricity, it was much easier to fall asleep because the setting of the sun triggered the release of melatonin through your body. But once electricity - and, eventually, the electronic devices we have today - came along, that all changed. These devices emit the exact same type of blue light that the sun does in the morning and afternoon hours. But our bodies are conditioned to release wakefulness hormones whenever they're exposed to this bright, blue light - even if you consciously know that it's nighttime outside.

So when you spend all day on a computer, in front of a TV, or glued to your smartphone - especially during the evening hours - it prevents melatonin from being released. Without this melatonin release, it'll be harder to fall asleep at bedtime, it'll be difficult to stay asleep throughout the night, and you're more likely to miss out on the deeper, more restorative stages of your sleep cycle. This lack of deep, restorative sleep is what's responsible (in part) for weight gain and chronic diseases. But Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses can change all this by minimizing your evening blue light exposure and promoting healthy melatonin release for better rest and better health.

Buying Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses

The popular online vendor Vital Depot is currently offering a fantastic deal on Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses. You can get them for $69.99, which is a 13% discount off the regular retail price! But you better get your pair quick, because this offer won't last forever.

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