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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Melatonin Every Night

If you're having trouble sleeping, then you've probably heard about some of the benefits of taking melatonin before bed. You may even know someone who supplements with melatonin at night in order to help them sleep. Odds are that if you're reading this right now, you're thinking about taking melatonin, but you haven't started yet. In this article, will give you a whole host of reasons why melatonin needs to be a part of your nightly bedtime routine. So if you'd like to learn more, keep reading!


Reason #1: You Your Body Probably Isn't Producing Enough

When the sun goes down and the lights get low, your body naturally starts to produce its own supply of melatonin. In theory, it's supposed to be enough to help you sleep at night. It's your brain's way of signaling the rest of your body that it is time for rest.

So why are so many people supplementing with extra melatonin? Because in this day and age, technology is getting in the way if your body's natural melatonin-producing process.This is especially true if you spend your evening hours staring at your cell phone, watching tv, or exposing yourself to the bright light of a computer monitor. Not only do these devices produce enough light to confuse your brain and inhibit the melatonin producing process, but they produce the worst kind of light: bright blue lights that closely mimic the natural light of the sun.

Obviously, it can be hard to avoid electronic light during your evening hours. Let's face it; most of us can't wind down for the evening without watching some tv, reading an eBook, or crushing candies on our cell phones. So supplementing with extra melatonin can help give us just what we need to relax into a natural, healthy slumber.

Reason #2: Melatonin Is an Antioxidant

Yes, you read that right: melatonin is an antioxidant. Like all antioxidants, melatonin protects your cells from the oxidative stress that can damage your DNA and make you age prematurely. Specifically, melatonin protects the DNA that lives in the nucleus of all of your cells. This is some of the most important DNA and your body. This genetic code that resides in the "brain" of all of your cells controls many things, including how healthy you are. And if this code gets damaged, it can make you look and feel older. It can also contribute to health problems.

But that's not all. Melatonin also protects a very important part of your cells called mitochondria. You can think of your mitochondria like the engine of a cell; they produce power and energy. And when your mitochondria are working at their best, it gives you more energy. So not only does melatonin help you sleep better at night, but you will wake up refreshed and have a little more pep in your step to get through your day.

Reason #3: Melatonin Has Other Health Benefits, Too

Almost everyone knows that melatonin is good for helping you sleep and regulating your circadian rhythm. But very few people are aware of the other health benefits of supplementing with melatonin. Some of those include:

Reason #4: Melatonin Is a Healthier, Safer Alternative to Other Sleep Medications

8 million people in the US alone rely on a prescription sleep medicine in order to get to sleep each night. Millions more purchase over-the-counter sleep remedies and often abuse these medications. But whether you're sleeping pill is prescribed by a doctor or purchased at a drugstore, they are not as safe as their advertisements would have you believe.

For starters, over the counter sleeping pills (especially those containing diphenhydramine) are bad for your brain and nervous system. Recent scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between heavy use of diphenhydramine and dementia in elderly people. Prescription sleeping pills also come with many side effects that are downright scary. You could end up gaining weight by sleep eating, get into an accident while sleep driving, or end up doing other things in your sleep that may harm yourself or others. And there aren't very many scientific studies that prove these medications are safe for long-term use.

How to Find the Best Melatonin Sleep Supplements

So you're probably wondering right now how you can find the best, purest, and most affordable sleep supplements that contain melatonin. Here at, we've done all the hard work for you. Just check out our review section for detailed information on the best melatonin-containing sleep supplements on the market today.