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Use Natural Relaxation Methods to Sleep Easier

It's a vicious catch-22 that many of us wrestle with each night: you can't sleep if you don't relax, but have you ever tried to consciously force yourself to relax? It's nearly impossible! However, there are ways you can hack your body into a deeper state of relaxation when you need it most. Below, we will share those strategies with you. We hope you can find a way to take advantage of some - if not all - of them in order to give yourself a higher quality level of rest each night.

Environmental Relaxation Techniques

Getting ready for bed is all about setting up the right environment. Very few people can naturally switch from being productive, energetic, stimulated, and awake into a relaxed state ready for sleep with a snap of their fingers. You need an easy, gentle transition, starting about an hour or so before your head hits the pillow. To help your body transition, take a stab at the following techniques:

Mental Relaxation Techniques

Natural Relaxation Avinol

In the previous section, we saved the white noise tip until last to highlight one very important aspect of nighttime restlessness: the mind body connection. Attempting to relax your body with drugs, herbal remedies, or biohacks (e.g. warm baths) is only half the battle. If your mind isn't relaxed, you're still going to have trouble falling asleep. When you are emotionally stressed, it causes a physical reaction in your body which triggers a flight or fight response. Unfortunately, our modern lives are so stressful that we are triggering these responses even when we don't need them, sometimes even causing insomnia. But there are some relatively easy ways to shift your brain into the headspace necessary for good sleep:

The Importance of Patience

Look, we get it. We all have very busy, very hectic lives. It can be tempting to reach for a prescription sleeping pill or an over-the-counter sedative instead of taking the time and effort to try the techniques we outlined above. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a chance. Start with picking just one of the activities we've discussed so far, and try it out for a week. If it helps, add another. Keep going until you have the ideal nighttime routine.

Another powerful suggestion we want to throw out there is to incorporate an herbal sleep remedy before bed. Taking a natural sleep aid, as opposed to a chemical one, is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only are you helping yourself relax in a healthy way, but you leave yourself open to experience a more natural sleep cycle. You won't get a healthy slumber by depending on drugs - they may even make the problem worse! So be sure to take a look at our reviews page for some helpful product suggestions.