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Ambien Review

At some time in most people's lives, they have a period of restful and restorative sleep. The greatest number of them tend to associate this point in life with childhood and their teenage years. However, those numbers change dramatically for the worse as they creep into their twenties and beyond. And, by the time they reach the fifties, studies show that the majority of people experience less and less quality sleep. Also, the numbers worsen for many in the developed world as science has shown over and over again that the significant increase in artificial light that is a huge part of life in highly industrialized countries is playing a larger and larger role in displacing our natural circadian rhythms. Add to that increasing pressures and time constraints of modern life and you have a toxic mix that is leading to more and more overall health issues in people living in these circumstances. So, the question that has been with us for a long time comes into focus and medical professionals try to develop ways to help us get greater sleep without introducing often severe side effects.

The major thing to understand about the pursuit of beneficial and safe sleep aids is that this is hardly a new concern as science and medicine have been working on and creating a seemingly endless array of products over the last several decades. The main problem is that many of these solutions involve some incredibly strong medications can definitely help to achieve solid and restorative sleep but the price that is paid in potential health risks and other side effects has become a real point of concern.

On the other hand, there has been a real increase in non-prescription options which generally use a variety of all-natural substances which are claimed to have no significant or lasting side effects but which are also quite often rather ineffective.

All of these concerns have led to an ever advancing search for more effective products with fewer negative side effects which continues today and which has created a market for both prescription based remedies and non-prescription options which has now ballooned to the point where there are literally hundreds of these products on the market which has left most consumers scratching their heads as they attempt to determine which side of the aisle and which of the far too many choices is best suited to help them get back to feeling and acting the way they did when fully restful and restorative sleep was a regular part of their lives.

With all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about sleep aids out there today - it's called Ambien.

Ingredients In Ambien


As one of the most well-known and popular prescription sleep aids on the market today due largely to millions upon millions of marketing dollars being spent to get it to the top of the market, Ambien is a true industry leader. The product itself is made in Canada and distributed by a firm known as Chattem Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The pill itself which comes scoured so that consumers can easily be cut in half. A regular dosage is a single 25mg pill. Each package comes with forty-eight pills.

The listed set of active ingredients includes Doxylamine Succinate (25mg) as well as a long list of inactive ingredients which include Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, FD&C Blue 1 Aluminum Lake, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Sodium Starch Glycolate.

Are There Benefits to Taking Ambien?

There is no real question that Ambien has been shown to be a highly effective prescription based sleep aid due mainly to its numerous years in the market. The main issue at hand is that, like so many of its nearest competitors, Ambien has been shown in study after study as well as through widespread anecdotal evidence that it comes with a long list of unwanted side effects which can greatly hamper normal daily activities in its users.

Will Ambien Help You Get Better Sleep?

An in depth study related to all of the accepted science surrounding prescription products of this kind show that those who tend to suffer from the most common forms of insomnia usually do get a markedly increased amount of benefit with their use. This is mainly due to their proven capacity to decrease many forms of daily stress and muscle tension without causing unacceptable levels of negative side effects. However, those levels of negative side effects have and remain a cause for significant concern as producers and regulators around the world strive to find better options.

Buying Ambien

As discussed earlier, Ambien is firmly within the class of sleep aids that require the authorization of a licensed physician. For help with determining if Ambien or any of the similar sleep aids of its kind are right for you it would be highly advisable to contact your primary care physician to schedule an appointment. This is critical as there could be serious health risks for some individuals with a history of medical issues. For this reason it is not recommended that anyone take this product for any reason without a direct recommendation of a qualified medical professional.

As we discussed earlier in this review, it is plain to see how pharmaceutical solutions have come to dominate the sleep aid market as those suffering from the effects of insomnia seek highly effective ways to confront these issues. However, knowing that all of the side effects and addictive qualities that come with nearly all of these physician prescribed solutions it's more than easy to see how most sufferers are looking for less problematic solutions to their issues.

In the sector of non-prescription options there are many well-regarded products as well but there are still some serious concerns related to the chemical composition of a good number of these products and the problems related to negative side effects and problematic addictive properties. This is why so many sufferers continue to turn to a wide array of the all-natural solutions which tend to utilize the widely proven benefits of all-natural and plant extract based elements which are far less concerning in nature as they are generally known to have far fewer problems associated with addiction and other highly negative side effects.

With all of that in mind, sufferers who would like to consider Ambien, the clear course of action is to consult with a primary care physician to see if this product is right for you.

In the end, there is no doubt that Ambien is truly among the industry leaders in prescription based sleep aids but that the known side effects are numerous and can be serious, especially to those potential users with a history of serious medical conditions or a history of mental issues.

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