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Dream Elements Extra Strength Sleep Drops Reviewed

Rated: 10 out of 10

One thing that we all know is that there are millions of men and women across the globe who have some type of sleep disorder, and many of them go undiagnosed for years if not decades. Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of various types of treatments that claim to help you get the rest that you want and need. But as so many of us have discovered over the years- and perhaps you yourself have too - most of them don't really work, or don't work very well. In fact, many of them leave sufferers still tired the next day, and others just aren't strong enough to actually help you achieve lasting sleep.

Sure, you may have tried a few of them yourself over the years. A sleeping pill that takes forever to start acting and then lasts too long. Some supposed supplement that does nothing at all except leave you even more frustrated when staring at the clock in the wee hours of the morning. Most likely, we have sampled many of those, as you have probably read in our other reviews, which is why we wanted so much to see if Dream Elements lived up to the hype that it's been getting.

Dream Elements Extra Strength Sleep Drops are a uniquely crafted sleep aid, made to work fast without all of the unpleasant exhausted feeling often associated with sleeping products. Thanks to the innovative liquid drops delivery method, there's no tossing and turning, lying in bed for a supplement to be digested and finally taking effect. Dream Elements' great tasting formula is rapidly absorbed right in less than 20 seconds.

It's true, unlike products designed just to make you sleepy, Dream Elements is designed to help your body naturally relax and fall asleep and then stay asleep all throughout the entire night to help you achieve total rest. Yes, rather than forcing your body to shut down, it simply allows the process to happen the way nature intended, ensuring that you get the full benefits from each of the various stages of sleep.

If you are a restless sleeper that wakes up often during the night, then you know that broken periods of sleep are far less restorative than a full, uninterrupted night's rest. The reason for that is simple - it's because our brains go through different stages given enough time to get there. Simply put, when sleep is interrupted, this sleep process has to start over, and we never get all the way through to the deep, critically important, brain-rejuvenating stages of sleep. Now, with Dream Elements, the days are over.

Dream Elements Extra Strength Sleep Drops Ingredients


For years herbalists have been studying this incredibly essential hormone for decades. In fact, Melatonin has recently become synonymous with natural herbal remedies, and for very good reason. This is because the human body produces its own melatonin when we sleep, or at least it is supposed to if given the chance. Sadly, modern life and the increased assault of blue light slows the triggering effect which starts the melatonin production, delaying the time our bodies would normally react to the desire to rest. Adding an external source of melatonin into your system will jumpstart your body's production, and start the resting process when you are ready.


If you don't already know it, the single most popular beverage in the world- tea- is loaded with this amino acid. In fact, green tea, specifically, has the highest concentration of this critical sleep nutrient. Similar to melatonin, the human body does produce a rather small amount of its own L-Theanine. It is primarily present in the brain and works as an anxiety regulator. Taking in additional L-Theanine has been known to act as a stress reducer giving the mind the chance to relax much easier and allowing it to enter in the various stages of sleep much more rapidly.

Valerian Root

For men and women who have difficulty 'turning off' their brain when they go to bed, Valerian Root is an absolute necessity. Originating in Europe and Asia, this perennial herb has been utilized as a key ingredient in ancient medicines designed to calm the nerves for thousands of years. That is the case because the essential oils found inside Valerian Root tend to trigger the brain to produce GABA. This essential neurotransmitter is potentially one of the most important not only for sleep, but for high level brain function, in general. This is yet another essential component critical to relieving elevated anxiety and stress.

Lemon balm extract

The pleasant smell of lemon has been the choice for medical treatments, sterilizations, scent therapy, and far more for many thousands of years. This is because the extract of this herb has been known to reduce stress, slow down racing thoughts, and bring about a feeling of calm. Furthermore, it is an essential component in enhancing sleep quality, as it works to enhance lasting sleep throughout the entire night.


By far, the most popular and widely known use for Chamomile is as a key staple in tea cabinets around the world. It's calming properties are well-regarded, but the 'why' behind it is not as widely known or appreciated. The fact is that Chamomile contains a rather large amount of Apigenin, which is a potent antioxidant. This specific antioxidant can temporarily stop the brain from releasing a number of stress hormones, which are often the cause of restless wakefulness. When concentrated in a formulation such as this, it is often even more potent and powerful than in it's natural state as a tea.

Do Dream Elements Sleep Drops Work?

The simple answer here is yes. Not only do Dream Elements Sleep Drops really work, they work extremely well. And they do not require any prescription whatsoever. Not only that, but because Dream Elements utilizes only natural herbal ingredients, it is not physically addictive and does not lead to habitual use. And, as an additional benefit, the drop delivery system allows the essential nutrients to be absorbed into the system far faster than any traditional capsule. That's right, no more turning from side to side every few minutes as you wait for the time to come when you will finally feel like falling asleep.

Dream Elements Sleep Drops don't just start and end at making you want to fall asleep, they actually work with your body's natural sleep systems to restore its natural circadian rhythms. This allows you to stay asleep, lets you reap the benefits of each of the various stages of sleep and lets you wake up well-rested and ready to face your day.

Dangers of Dream Elements Sleep Drops

Since Dream Elements Sleep Drops are an all-natural product, there are no risks or dangers in taking this sleep aid as directed. These drops are safe to include as part of a health sleep routine, allowing an appropriate amount of sleeping time (six to eight) hours before waking. Whether you use Dream Elements Sleep Drops once in a while or every night, there is no risk of dependency.

Many sleep aids can have interactions with common prescription medications, but thanks to Dream Elements natural herbal formula, you can enjoy the long list of benefits of these Sleep Drops along with your regular medication and even if you are pregnant or nursing. As with any supplement of this kind, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before making any changes to your regular routine of medication use.

The Final Word on Dream Elements Sleep Drops

As we all know, there are many kinds of sleep aids on the market, and most of them just aren't as helpful and they claim to be or as we would all hope. The makers of Dream Elements Sleep Drops have spared no expense in gathering the best all-natural ingredients to deliver one of the very best sleeping assistants available on the market today.

Best of all, the claims for this product are actually true. The drop delivery system works fast, and the feeling of overall calm makes sleep easy and truly refreshing. It is reliable enough to depend on when you really need it, and gentle enough to keep your body from becoming dependent on it. Yes, this science-proven blend of nature's best ingredients will relax your mind and body when you need to rest, and allow you to wake up more refreshed the way that you did when you were younger.

Where can I Buy Dream Elements Sleep Drops?

Dream Elements Sleep Drops are coming soon to a Walgreens or CVS pharmacy near you, but it is available at this time for purchase online on Amazon and VitalDepot.