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Provigil Review

Getting enough restful and restorative sleep is a critical part of any human being's life. And, research shows that nearly all of us have periods in our lives where we can and will enjoy the benefits created by this feature of the life cycle to their fullest extent. However, this research also shows that nearly all humans will experience a growing statistical chance that they will not get this much required amount of sleep as they age beyond their early developmental years. This means that once a person reaches adulthood it is highly likely that they will have experienced one or more extended periods where they are not getting the full benefits of a proper amount of clinical sleep. And, numerous studies have shown that these periods are almost assuredly likely to grow in number and duration as we age. This will normally reach the point where a solid night's sleep may become nearly impossible by the time most people reach their senior years without the help of some form of sleep aid.

According to what is known through all of the research the reasons for this are complex and most likely a mixture of physical, psychological and environmental causes. One of these has been shown to be something nearly exclusive to those of us living in the developed world and revolves around the ever increasing amount of unnatural light that they are exposed to, especially during the night time hours. This tends to cause a rather subtle but quite often severe disruption in our natural circadian rhythms. And, the results of this can often lead to a toxic mix of both short term and long term physical and psychological health issues.

In response to these issues the science and medical communities have spent decades seeking answers to the problems which have resulted in a number of solutions both in the category of prescription medications as well as over the counter sleep aids. The problem with many of these is that a good number of them have a long history of well-documented negative side effects which, if not taken seriously, can and often do have some rather negative consequences. This fact has led many people within and outside the industry to keep looking for new and better solutions which might come with far less chance of negative side effects.

The main problem that has arisen out of this continued search is that the sleep aid industry now finds itself deluged with literally hundreds of newer products, many of which are showing themselves to be often far less effective and, in some cases, even less safe than the very best and highly rated products that the industry has built its reputation on. The evidence indicates that this is largely due to the fact that more and more entities are entering the market with sub-standard products in an attempt to cash in on what has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. And this is allowed to happen because the regulations that dictate how products of this kind are made can be rather lax in many regions of production.

With this being the case we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about sleep aids on the market today - it's called Provigil.

Ingredients In Provigil

Prescription Pills

This product falls into the category of prescription medications and is known in its generic form as Modafinil. Its uses are generally accepted to be as an agent designed to deal with the effects of narcolepsy and other similarly classified sleep disorders. It must be pointed out that it is not considered a cure for any of these ailments and it has not been established as to how it works within the user to control these issues. But, it is widely believed to have a regulating effect on the brain's sleep/wake cycles.

Are There Benefits to Taking Provigil?

Given the research and long established use of Modafinil in a number of well-known prescription based products there seems to be little doubt that it has proven to be a highly effective product capable of providing significant relief for a number of sleep related disorders. The core issue, as with so many of its key competition, is that it is known to produce a wide range of negative side effects which can produce a number of highly undesirable consequences. Many of these have been shown to have a considerable effect on a number of crucial daily activities.

Will Provigil Help You Get Better Sleep?

Multiple studies have made clear that research and testing surrounding the development of this product have a solid basis in science and that it can and does provide those who suffer from a significant list of sleep related disorders with a notable improvement in their quality of life through a marked increase in the amount of restful and restorative sleep that they generally achieve due its consistent use. Still, it cannot be overlooked as to how many negative side effects continue to be a source of serious concern.

Buying Provigil

As disclosed in an earlier section of this review, Provigil sits firmly in the category of sleep aids which are required to have the authorization of a licensed physician. Those seeking help with determining if Provigil or any other similar sleep aid of a similar nature is likely best for them it is highly advised that they consult with their primary care physician or schedule an appointment with a licensed specialist.

Keeping all of that in mind, one must look at all of the issues involved with the use of prescription based medication of all kinds and the many detrimental side effects that inevitably come with them. For this reason many consumers would be wise to also consult with their physician about the use of non-prescription sleeps for the very reason that many of the same benefits can often be found with their use and, quite often, without many of the long list of negative side effects associated with prescription options.

Another note worth considering is the fact that there is a long and growing list of over the counter solutions which fall into the category of all-natural sleep aids. For many of those suffering from the effects of lack of proper sleep these options can often provide significant relief and without many of the unwanted side effects inherent with the use of prescription medications.

Keeping all of these facts in mind, those who continue to suffer for the detrimental effects brought on by a lack of restful and restorative sleep and would like to take a closer look at the benefits offered by the use of Provigil, it seems clear that the wise, and technically, only choice they have is to schedule an appointment with the primary care physician and possibly to go beyond that with a visit to a sleep specialist in order to find out if Provigil is the right solution for them.

With all of the points referenced above taken into consideration, the evidence is clear that Provigil is clearly among the leaders in the sleep aid market when it comes to prescription based sleep aids. It is also clear that the myriad of negative side effects can lead to serious health concerns, especially among potential users with a significant history of serious medical issues or a history of mental conditions.

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