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Rozerem Review

In most cases, people who suffer from insomnia can remember some point in their lives where they regularly could get a great night's sleep and without any problem or the need for any assistance. Still, like most things, everything changes and over time some problems developed and getting a restful and restorative night's sleep became an elusive thing. In general this happens as a result of getting older and a decrease in certain naturally occurring chemical known as Melatonin in the body that help us all to fall asleep at a regular interval which is in line with our natural circadian rhythms. And, when one takes into account the ever increasing amount of unnatural light that permeates our lives in most of the developed world it's easy to see how this problem is affecting more and more of us.

The key thing to remember is that sleep issues have always plagued humans from their earliest days but living in the modern world has taken its toll on all of us and each passing year adds more and more stress as we find ourselves living in an ever fast paced environment. And, it's important to know that humans have been looking for ways to overcome these issues for centuries with little real success. However, that all changed in the last several decades with the advent of some real solutions both in the realm of prescription medications and non-prescription sleep aids. The bad news is that many of these solutions have proven to have some unintended side effects including some often severe issues involving the addictive qualities surrounding some of these products especially a number of the prescription drugs.

For one thing some of the newer science which has led to the creation of so many of the leading pharmaceutical options has also had a great deal of problems dealing not only with the reality of the addictive issues that have arisen from their use but also with the public's perception of these offerings as well as the regulatory questions that have grown up around them. But, since there are other solutions which don't require a prescription and have not been shown to cause any issues related to addiction it is incumbent on all consumers to educate themselves as to the pros and cons associated with all of the options in sleep aids.

Knowing all of this we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about sleep aids out there today - it's called Rozerem.

Ingredients In Rozerem


This product is manufactured and distributed by a firm known as Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. The product named Rozerem (Ramelteon) is one of the more well-established prescription sleep aids on the market today and its key active ingredient is known as Ramelteon. Other inactive ingredients include lactose monohydrate, starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, copovidone, titanium dioxide, yellow ferric oxide, polyethylene glycol 8000, and ink containing shellac and synthetic and iron oxide black.

Are There Benefits to Taking Rozerem?

The main issue with all medications of this nature being that they are prescription based is that they are made using substances which require licensing and are not available without the authorization of a physician. Obviously, this is due to the fact that these types of medications have been shown to have traits which can cause harm if improperly used as well as their often well-documented history of having addictive qualities. Still, there is no real doubt at this point that Rozerem has been proven to be quite effective even given the long list of cautions that come with its use. Some of these include the advice not to use if one has a history of depression, mental illness or suicidal thoughts. Others include the warning not to use it if the user has liver disease or problems breathing, are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, are breastfeeding or have plans to do so.

Also, it is important for potential users to tell their physicians about any medications that they take as there could be issues with serious side effects.

Will Rozerem Help You Get Better Sleep?

Reviewing what is known related to the accepted science surrounding products of this type shows that those who deal with common forms of insomnia generally tend get a considerable degree of benefit from products of this type. This is mainly due to their proven capacity to relieve a number of forms of stress and large muscle tension without causing a great deal of negative side effects. However, it must be made clear regarding the background related to any research, studies or tests related to this product are not simple to verify as the regulations related to this type of study and testing vary widely from one country to the next even in many countries known for regulatory legislation of this type. And, a closer look at some of the stated claims as to just what form of research, study and testing that might have been conducted on Rozerem are not all very clear.

Buying Rozerem

Knowing that there is an ever widening variety of problems around the pursuit of getting a solid night's worth of quality sleep going back for years and even beyond since the beginning of the industrial age and all of the increasing intrusion of artificial light that is overwhelming the modern society that we live in it's no wonder that the number of cases involving insomnia are only rising. Knowing all of this to be true it is no wonder that there has been such a notable increase in the number and form of sleep aid solutions that have come to the market over the last several years.

As we talked about earlier, it is not hard to see how pharmaceutical become have become so popular and in wide us as those suffering from the effects of insomnia seek strong and effective ways to deal with these problems. However, knowing that all of the side effects and addictive traits for most of these doctors prescribed offerings it's not at all hard to understand how many people are seeking less concerning options to their issues.

In the area of over the counter products there are many significant options as well but there still remains some potential concern because of the chemical composition for many of these options and the less concerning but still notable issues involving negative side effects and sometimes less problematic addictive properties. This is why so many sufferers have and continue to turn to a number of the all-natural products which use the proven benefits of natural and plant extract ingredients that are far less concerning as they, in most cases, are known to exhibit far fewer problems involving addiction and other negative side effects.

Still, for sufferers who would like to try Rozerem they should consult with their physician to see if they are a good candidate for this prescription only medication.

In the end, it could be said that Rozerem is one of the industry leaders in prescription based medications despite the many potential problems related to side effects and the potential for possible addiction issues.

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