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Sonata Prescription Sleep Aid - A Review

There are almost as many different prescription sleep medications on the market today as there are causes for insomnia. But how is a patient supposed to know which one is right for them? Well, for starters, you should definitely ask your doctor about what your options are if you're consistently having trouble falling asleep at night. And if your doctor thinks a prescription sleep medication is necessary, he or she may prescribe Sonata for you.

There are many reasons why a health practitioner would prescribe Sonata over the other sleep medications that are available today. For certain types of insomnia, Sonata me provide a substantial benefit for you compared to the other medications that are available. For other people, especially those whose sleepless nights stem from other problems, Sonata might not be the appropriate solution. Keep reading to learn more about this medication, as well as other potential solutions to help you get the sleep you deserve.

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Are There Many Ingredients in Sonata?

Unlike some sleep remedies, there is only one main ingredient in Sonata. It is a prescription drug, and has a unique formula that has been engineered and trademarked by pharmaceutical companies. It's generic form is known as Zaleplon, and your doctor may prescribe you the generic version of this drug to help you save money on total costs.

Regardless of whether you get the generic version of Sonata or the premium version, both medications will contain the same ingredient. Sonata is known as a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic which is specifically designed to help initiate sleep. Unlike other non-benzodiazepine hypnotics, there are no extended-release versions of this particular drug.

Are There Benefits to Sonata?


For some people experiencing sleep disturbances, Sonata may have a few extra benefits compared to other drugs in its class. Most hypnotics have a problematically higher risk of adverse side effects. This is especially true for the extended release version of hypnotic sleep drugs which are designed to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night.

As stated earlier, Sonata is designed to help initiate sleep only. It is not designed to help you stay asleep throughout the night. But for some people, especially those who only have trouble getting to sleep in the first place, this provides some benefits over other drugs. For starters, you are less likely to experience next day drowsiness than you are with similar sleeping pills. And you're also less likely to perform certain actions in your sleep, such as walking, eating, or driving a car. this is because Sonata is designed to metabolize quickly after it initially makes you drowsy enough to finally fall asleep. So although most people who are prescribed this drug may still feel groggy the next morning, this next morning lethargy is less common with Sonata patients than it is with other prescription sleep medications.

Is Sonata an Effective Sleeping Pill?

Despite the advantages that Sonata has over other prescription sleeping pills, that does not mean that this particular drug is not without side effects. Despite the fact that is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic, the sedative effects of Sonata more closely resemble those of a benzodiazepine then other sleeping pills.

People are more likely to experience negative cognitive side effects then they might be with a different prescription. Some of these include memory loss, cognitive decline while awake, and a lack of control over their motor skills.The side effects are made exponentially worse if you combine Sonata with alcohol. As a matter of fact, the risk of dying in your sleep from suppressed lung function or from asphyxiating on your own vomit is much higher when Sonata and alcohol are combined than when either drug is ingested alone.

The common side effects of Sonata are especially problematic in the elderly. This is because sedatives like Sonata have a much stronger and more detrimental effect in older people whose brains are physically declining with age. It is strongly recommended that doctors who are prescribing anyone over the age of 65 with this drug take special care with managing their patients' medication. This is especially true for older individuals who are experiencing muscular degeneration and have a history of injuring themselves from falling.

People who have a history of depression or other psychiatric disorders are strongly discouraged from taking Sonata. The potential for abuse is almost as high as a full-fledged benzodiazepine, and it will likely make depression worse. If you are currently taking Sonata and you are experiencing worsening symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts, you need to contact your doctor immediately and ask them to prescribe you a different medication.

As we stated earlier, Sonata is only designed to help you fall asleep in the first place. The chemical structure of this drug has no effect on whether or not you stay asleep and get your recommended hours of nightly rest. If you have no problem sleeping like a log once you do fall asleep, then the short half-life of Sonata shouldn't be a problem for you. But if you constantly find yourself waking up throughout the night, then Sonata might not be the right medication for you.

Purchasing Sonata

Because Sonata as a prescription medication, you can only get it (legally) by seeing your doctor and getting it prescribed to you. But even with your doctor's approval, taking Sonata in order to get your sleep problems under control could be prohibitively expensive. Some online resources suggest that Sonata could be as expensive as $10 a pill. this means that a 100-count bottle of this particular prescription could cost you over $1,000. But since Sonata is not recommended for long-term use, you may not need to buy so many pills at one time. The generic version of this drug, Zaleplon, will likely be much less expensive.

Then again, you don't have to rely on expensive designer drugs with scary side effects. There are healthier, more natural alternatives and you can learn all about them on our reviews page.