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Unisom Review

Most people can certainly remember a time when getting a restful and restorative night's sleep was just something that happened without any effort. In fact, there were probably times in their lives that they had more trouble staying awake than trying to get to sleep. But, unfortunately, those things change for nearly everyone as they get older and they start to experience changes in their bodily systems. And, often, this means a loss of production of a naturally occurring chemical in their systems known as Melatonin. Add to that the outside forces in our daily lives such as stress and the ever increasing amount of unnatural light in the lives of those of us who happen to live in highly developed parts of the world and you have a formula for sleep loss.

What's important to know is that these factors have pretty much always been with us a species but living in a generally highly regimented society puts further demands on our lives than our predecessors ever had to face. And, it should be pointed out that even these earlier generations worked and struggled to find remedies for their lack of solid and restful sleep. But, the good news is that over the last few decades there have been many advances in the study of sleep and products and therapies which can help to overcome many of the issues that still face us. The bad news is that many of these solutions have only created other problems which are sometimes even worse than the original issue.

For instance, modern science has brought us a lot of pharmaceutical answers to the issue of sleep loss but these powerful answers to the problem have, in many cases, led to a highly detrimental situation where users have found themselves suffering from some serious addictions to the medications with a lot of unanticipated side effects. And still there are other sleep aids which have been shown to have no or at least very few addictive qualities. The key feature of many of these products is the fact that they tend to be made using only all-natural ingredients.

Given all of that, there is one key point which cannot be overlooked and that is that the industry that produces this full spectrum of sleep aids has now become overrun with literally hundreds of products from some well-known producers and many lesser known ones as more and more entities try to get their slice of what has become a multi-billion dollar a year market. And, it has been proven over time that many of these newer entries into the market are sometimes far less effective and even less safe than the very best that the market has been offering. Of course, this great influx of newer products has only led to greater confusion and frustration among consumers as they attempt to figure out which of these far too many offerings will likely help them get the sleep that they truly need.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about sleep aids out there today - it's called Unisom.

Ingredients In Unisom


This product is one of the more well-known sleep aids on the market today because of a wide ranging and long term marketing campaign. It is produced in Canada and distributed by Chattem Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The product is a pill which is scoured so that it can easily be cut in half, but the regular dosage is one 25mg pill. Each box comes with forty-eight pills.

The listed active ingredients include Doxylamine Succinate (25mg) with a long list of inactive ingredients including Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, FD&C Blue 1 Aluminum Lake, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose as well as Sodium Starch Glycolate.

Are There Benefits to Taking Unisom?

There is little doubt that Unisom has been proven to be an effective over the counter sleep aid given its many years on the market and a listing of ingredients that are widely used across the industry as well as in many of the top rated products of its kind. And, considering that it is not a prescription based product there are likely far less chances that there would be any significant issues with possible addictive qualities than many of the products that require a doctor's authorization. Still, there are some reports that suggest a link to some minor addictive properties and other unwanted side effects, such as feeling "hungover" in the morning.

Will Unisom Help You Get Better Sleep?

A quick review concerning the accepted science behind products of this nature show that people who suffer from common forms of insomnia generally do get a considerable amount of benefit from products of this kind. This is largely due to their proven ability to relieve many forms of stress and muscle tension without causing significant negative side effects. Still, it should be pointed out the background concerning any research, studies or clinical trials related to this product are not easy to verify as the regulations regarding this type of study and testing vary greatly from one country of origin to the next even in many countries known for regulatory controls of this kind. And, a close examination of the stated claims as to exactly what type of research, study and testing which may have been conducted on Unisom are not all that clear.

Buying Unisom

Given that there is an ever increasing variety of issues around the pursuit of attaining a solid night's worth of restful and restorative sleep going back many decades and even beyond especially since the beginning of the modern age and all of the increasing amount of artificial light that permeates the modern world it is no wonder that the amount of cases involving insomnia are on the rise. With that being the case it is of little wonder that there has been such a marked increase in the number and variety of sleep aid solutions that have hit the market in recent years.

As discussed earlier, it is easy to see how pharmaceutical solutions have become so popular and widespread as people suffering from the effects of insomnia look for strong and effective means to deal with these issues. Still, keeping in mind all of the side effects and addictive qualities of many of these doctor prescribed options it's more than easy to understand how many sufferers are looking for less concerning options to their problems.

In the category of over the counter options there are a number of strong options as well but there remains some concern due to the chemical composition of many of these products and the perhaps less concerning but still significant issues surrounding negative side effects and sometimes less problematic addictive traits. This is why many have and continue to turn to some of the all-natural products which utilize the proven benefits of plant and extract based ingredients that tend to be far less concerning as they generally are known to have far fewer issues involving addiction and other negative side effects.

Still, for those who would like to try Unisom it is widely available through brick and mortar retailers such as CVS and Walgreen's as well as numerous and well-established online retail outlets such as and

As of the time of publication the average cost of Unisom among all of the mentioned outlets is $13.29.

In closing, it can be said that Unisom is among the industry leaders in over the counter sleep aids but that it has been claimed by some to have some mild side effects that are generally not found in sleep aid products which are based on all-natural formulations.

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